We have Flatbeds!

Flatbed truck with cable reels.

What do we offer in flatbeds?

We offer flatbed trailers to transport your goods in sizes ranging from 48' to 53'.  Trailer floors come in wood, aluminum, to aluminum with wood strips for nailing.


Most of our flatbeds come equipped with tarps ranging in sizes of 4', 6' and 8'.  

Straps and chains?

On any of our flatbed trailers we carry 10-14 straps and most times many more.  The average truck in our fleet will come equipped with 8-10 chains and more if requested.  Be it building material, steel, fabricated items, or high value machinery we are here to help you with your trucking needs

Coil racks?

With any of our coil qualifed drivers the flatbeds will carry enough coil racks to handle a variety of situations.


Dunnage is carried on a majority of our flatbeds to block and brace your freight as needed.

Will you spot or drop trailers for preloading?

Yes.  If you have continous on-going loads that make it operationaly more efficent to have a trailer pool to pre-load please ask us about how many!