We do over-sized trucking!

Oversize load on an extendable trailer.

What is Heavy Haul?

Heavy Haul is a trucking term that comprises many different situations.  Mostly it means anything too big, too tall, too wide, or too heavy to legally haul on the road without permits and/or special trailing equipment.  Over-sized loads require special.

What can you haul?

That is a LOADED question!  If it can be legally allowed by the governing authorities we can move it.  

Do you handle the permitting?

Of course we do!  You can be assured that before we pickup any over-dimensional freight we will have already done any permitting, surveys, and escort arrangements.  Trust your heavy machinery transportation experts to get the job done right.

Do you arrange loading or unloading cranes?

No.  That would be between shipper and consignee to provide any rigging or cranes if needed.

What about Haz-Mat?

We can do Haz-Mat but that must be disclosed prior to our dispatch to make sure our driver is credentialed to do so.